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Global United Supporting Initiative

Global United Supporting Initiative


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A noprofit association like Global United FC is only able to realize projects and to bring things forward if strong alliances with economy, politics and associations/institutions could be generated. The Global United promotion initiative is a project of CP/CONSULT Consulting Services GmbH, Essen/Berlin (www.cp-cs.de) and the „interface“ between FC and enterprises. At this the promotion initiative is accessing to the capacious network of CP/Consult that is build up over many years. The promotion initiative Global United FC supports the strategic business of Global United e.V., is positioning Global United in the public and realizes joint projects. The promotion initiative is acting according the philosphy and objectives of Global United FC.


Global United FC Supporting Initiative

c/o CP/CONSULT Consulting Service

Max-Keith-Straße 66

45136 Essen


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