Charity matches

Our Climate Kick series has been going on since 2012 in Namibia and for the coming years it is planned to be taking place in other countries as well. We have already done some first trials in Sambia (Livingstone) and Botswana (Kasane). Up to now, we have been active in Windhoek multiple times, but also in the North in Katima Mullilo, Outjo, Otavi and along the coast in Walvis Bay and in the South in Marienthal. In 2017 we visited Gobabis in the East of the country. During the Climate Kick week we actively supervise or initiate projects with our ambassadors in schools, nursery schools and within the community. Educational campaigns focussing on environment are implemented as well. Following the environment-related programmes, a charity match is held in the respective cities, which is used as another opportunity to raise awareness for the campaign.

The campaigns during the Climate Kick series:

  • Waste not. Want not (Introduction of recycling)
  • Let´s use our resources wisely (Use of the resources waste, food, water, energy)
  • Let´s play your part (Continuation of Let´s use our resources wisely)

In addition to this, we have already held numerous charity matches in Germany (moor protection, bee protection) as well as in Switzerland and the USA.