Special Advisor


Barend is one of the leading representatives of Southern Africa for environmental topics as well as sustainable development of municipalities and companies. He is a worldwide sought-after and committed partner at various conferences and universities, which focus on sustainability issues. He is director of the Global Change Institute. He was Director at the Global Change Institute until October 2019 and was called up as Dean at the Faculty for Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria.



Wolfgang Schenck has been with us for many years now as our project coordinator in Namibia. He has been running the consulting agency Nuevas Ideas for the tourism and environmental sector for over 26 years, having previously worked in product management at GORE in Germany. He is also involved with the Namibian Chefs Association and the Rotarians in Windhoek. He was a founding member of Recycle Forum Namibia and the Eco Awards Namibia Alliance and is Vice President of the Namibia Environment & Wildlife Society.