New Gee Om project started in South Africa

After we had already equipped the kitchen infrastructure for the Community Center Zenzele near Randfontein with a large fridge and a large stove for the soup kitchen, we started work on the general water supply for the kitchen and sanitary facilities. In addition to bring back the appropriate pressure in the pipes, we have donated 2 large tanks for collecting rainwater. Thanks to the refurbishment, these tanks always have enough water for the interior and the newly created garden.
So far, had to be rinsed very often with water buckets. During our visit to Zenzele, Clete Stevis (HEF) showed Stanton, Lutz and Rainer the completed work.

Gee Om Future for the Youth

This project in cooperation with the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and the Dietmar Hopp Foundation is a follow-up project to the kick-off events of the Climate Kick series in Namibia and helps to continue and develop throughout the year the approaches that were provided by the kick-offs at the schools and facilities that were visited. Currently, our focus is on individual projects in Windhoek, Otavi, Gobabis, Walvis Bay – and Okahandia as well. At schools and nursery schools we have started garden projects for self-sufficiency, built wells, supervised the founding of EnviroClubs at schools or supported their activities. In addition to that, recycling projects were initiated and Enviro competitions with community wide impact started.

In total, more than 85,000 students have been educated by us and our partners through the various individual climate and environment protection projects. We also helped teachers at over 100 schools and nursery schools to continue working on these topics with the children.

Another important part is providing food for soup kitchens in the townships. We started renovating schools and community centres and build soupkitchens.