Bee protection is reaching more and more people

The kick-off for our bee protection campaign was made during the football holiday camp of the FC Alkofen. 5 municipalities/schools and the local beekeepers’ association were happy to receive support. Raised garden beds were set up, flower meadows were planted. The proceeds of the camp in August 2017 will be used to support two further communities. The FC Alkofen made sure that a visit to the surroundings of the sports ground would be worth while for bees again.

A charity match in Zuzenhausen brought in another considerable amount (1,500 Euro) to support three bee projects within the municipality. The nursery schools / schools are currently being selected.

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Fußball: Benefizspiel FC Global United (Alkofen)

In unserem nächsten Beitrag bleiben wir am Ball, allerdings geht’s nicht um Punkte, sondern um den guten Zweck. Es standen sich gegenüber: das Team Vilshofen, zusammengesetzt aus Spielern aus der Region rund um Vilshofen, gegen den Global United FC um den Fußballglobetrotter Lutz Pfannenstiel.