We are Global United

Following the motto „We love football. We love our planet.“ it is our defined goal to raise awareness, to enthuse and activate football fans all over the world – children and adults, regardless of age, colour of skin or religion – for the preservation and and gentle treatment of our living environments and eco systems.

Global United FC e.V. (registered association) supports social projects for climate and environment protection – projects that combine climate protection with social integration, education and with concrete, sustainable benefits to the lives of people all over the world.

Football is not just a mass phenomenon and part of everyday culture, but it is also the popular sport number one worldwide! Football can cause tears of sorrow – but also great joy and euphoria, enthusiasm and motivation alike.

We are utilising this emotion and put it towards our projects in order to help.

What we do

Worldwide charity matches and fundraising activities in locations that have a high publicity factor and a symbolic function in terms of climate protection in order to support local climate protection projects, such as – since its start in 2012 – the Climate Kick Series in Namibia with our partner First National Bank.

Youth programmes: we initiate climate education initiatives nationally and internationally, supervise and support youth education projects – like the bee protection campaign – for climate protection. We are currently realising another project – Gee Om Future for the Youth – in cooperation with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and the Dietmar Hopp Foundation in Namibia.

We inform and educate – and together with the football stars, we tackle joint projects, as for example tree planting activities and projects for the cleaning of the environment, football kick-arounds, visiting schools, nursery schools and facilities for people with impairments, lectures and coaching at youth training camps.

Talks with members of the Global United FC e.V. together with business enterprises on the topic of social climate and environment protection.


Create a clean and healthy future for us and our kids and help those whose future needs to be supported.

Global United e.V. has three goal orientations:

aid projects

charity matches

guerilla marketing